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Algonquin Provincial Park Ontario Canoe Trip, Headwaters Wilderness Program, Portage, Waterfall, Forest

Forest Bathing Canoe Trip

In Partnership with the Forest Bathing Club

Program Details

Quetico Ontario Canoe Trip, Headwaters Wilderness Program, Waterfall Portage
What's Included

We take care of:

  1. All group gear: canoes, paddles, tents, cooking supplies, and everything else the group may need. We are very intentional about our gear, only using that which enhances rather than impedes the canoe voyage.

  2. All food for the trip: time tested recipes perfect for the backcountry (we will ask about your dietary needs on the intake form).

  3. Safety: with years of backcountry experience and certification as a Wilderness First Responder, we keep watch over the wellbeing of everyone on the trip.

  4. Canoe tripping and forest bathing facilitation: Our primary goal! as professional guides and educators, we will teach you everything you need to know about backcountry camping and canoe tripping through the lens of forest bathing. We will come away from this trip more comfortable living and relating with the more-than-human world.

You take care of:

  1. Personal clothing, sleeping bag, and sleeping mat: don't worry, we will send you a detailed packing list of recommended clothing (sleeping mats are available to rent upon request).

  2. Your PFD/lifejacket. A well-fitted PFD is essential to its proper functioning. For this reason, we ask that you bring your own (if you do not have access to one, they are available to rent upon request).

  3. Your own transportation to and from Algonquin.

  4. An eagerness to learn, live, and be differently!

Your Guides

Amalia, Forest Bathing Club


Artist | Certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide |

Founder of the Forest Bathing Club

Welcome Friend!
I am glad you are here.

There is a saying among us guides: “The Forest has your back,” and I promise you, it’s true.

For me, Forest Therapy is not a way of finding our connection to nature, it is a way of remembering it.

We are inextricably and intimately connected to all beings on this planet - nature is us, we are nature.

I can genuinely say this practice has enriched my life and forever changed me as a person. It has: 🌈️ Held space for me to play, laugh, pause, unwind, and even grieve; 🧿️ Offered me support and sanctuary; 🎨 Positively impacted my creative process as a fine artist; 🌎️ Most importantly, it has deepend my sense of belonging and duty to this planet.

I LOVE being a guide and am grateful for every walk I get to lead. I look forward to sharing time with you and the forest.

With Warmth,

Killarney Provincial Park, Ontario, Canoe Trip, Headwaters Wilderness Program


Headwaters Wilderness Program Director & Program Leader |

Environmental Philosopher and Educator

A philosopher, educator, and landscape photographer, Devin has been an avid backcountry canoe tripper since elementary school and has been organizing and leading voyages since 2018. He has a Master's degree and graduate diploma in environmental philosophy and education, as well as being a certified Wilderness First Responder.

Perpetually wondering and inquisitive, his Master's research consisted of an extensive field-participant project in the Yukon to study the intersection of education, nature philosophy, and media studies. There, he investigated how the media (or technology) of educational settings shapes the ways of being that are produced, disseminated, and re-produced via the educational process.


A member of the Ontario Council of Outdoor Educators, Devin has presented at their winter conference, published in their academic journal, and is on the organizing committee for the upcoming fall conference. As an educator, he has worked at three forest schools and volunteers with his local Cub and Scout group.

With a gentle kindness, a playful outlook, and always a story to share, Devin enables others to be their best selves. He's excited for all that Headwaters has to offer, and can't wait to see you out there!

Headwaters Wilderness Program Logo, Moose and Forest
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